Sunday, May 5, 2019

Super School Ahead

There will be a new super-high school built just across from Peninsula Ridge Winery.  Three high schools will become surplus properties - in Smithville, Beamsville and Grimsby.

The first right of refusal goes to publicly funded school boards, followed by the lower tier municipality, upper tier municipality and then finally private developers.  Every time I exit the Canadian Tire plaza and see the Grimsby Secondary School at the end of the street under the escarpment, I wonder how tall a condo development might be built there.  We are under pressure of the Ontario government's intensification plan.  This is contentious in a small town that wants to stay small and not grow tall.

In Beamsville's case the main portion of the school school has been designated as a heritage building, so is protected from demolition. But don't think that will invalidate development. The news article quotes a town councillor:  "All of a sudden we find ourselves with 13 acres of prime land."  What they mean is prime real estate for which they receive no property taxes. 

There's a sign on Highway 8 at the location of the new super school, which is slated to open in September 2020.  the location straddles the Grimsby and Beamsville borders, and is the location of the Beamsville Brick Factory, founded in 1875. What is located below will be interesting.

The blossoms have started to show.  We've had very cool, misty weather, and they typically come out with the warmth.  So a burst will likely take place in the next few days.  The weeping cherry on Niagara Street in St. Catharines seems to always be early.

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