Friday, May 17, 2019

May 17 - Dandelion Futures Up

We've heard a lot 'about trade with China'.  I realize I don't know anything other than the headlines. 

In the China news was the death of I M Pei, the designer of the glass pyramid at the Louvre.  He was 102 years old.  The BBC article shows his most famous work HERE.  He was immensely prolific, and known for many works in the US and around the world. While he was a resident of the U.S., China celebrated his legacy there.  Some of his work, like the glass pyramid at the Louvre, had negative reactions initially.  That was the case of the Bank of China Tower - it is now described as the world's best bank building.

Look at the field of gold in front of the expansive orchards of Cherry Lane on Victoria Street in Vineland.  It is one of the few streets that trucks can take to get over the escarpment.  

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