Friday, May 3, 2019

I had thought the latest royal baby was expected at the end of April.  Today, at the beginning of May, the stories are still flowing but there's nothing from London yet. Today's news says that they will not be publishing pictures of the newborn on the day of the birth, that they will celebrate privately as a new family.  

Harry's itinerary is being scrutinized to figure out the expected date.  The article says he is to make a 'surprise' two-day visit to Holland next week.  I expect that actual surprise would be if he cancels at the last minute.  

There are so many questions for a royal birth: where will the family live, will they have a nanny, who will be the godparents, what title will the new royal baby have, where does it fall in the line of succession, and the key question what will it be called and will it be a boy or girl.

I can't imagine being a Royal family reporter. Looking for something new to say every day when there isn't any progress.  But then, they self-select for the work.  The articles about royal reporters talk about them being 'friendly-ish' with the royal members.  That likely is the big draw - to be in the centre of the action - even if the action is quotes and gossip.  And of course, the scandal stories that are so sought after.  There's an article on with 16 scandalous pictures the Royal family tried to bury - what a strange work life that would be. 

I received a finalist and a second place finish in this month's Better photo contest.  Here's the second place finish image.

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