Monday, May 6, 2019

BBQ Tidal Wave

The first BBQ event is here.  It begins the tidal wave of BBQ events for the summer.

The first rib and craft beer fest in Toronto will be at Yonge and Dundas Square from Thursday May 16th to May 19th. This event will feature the best rib teams in Canada.  There's a Canadian BBQ Society and its events take place from February 2019 with the Challenge Igloo BBQ in Quebec.  The Canadian Stake Championship happened on Saturday in Langley B.C. There are Certified BBQ Judge Classes happening next weekend in Edmonton.  We get one of their events in August when Niagara Falls has the Summer Daze BBQ Classic.

The Ontario Champion last year was Team Eatapedia.  Pitmaster was John Thomson.  Their website - has recipes for grilled lime chicken breasts, rosemary-rubbed porch chops - well lots of meats and sauces and seasonings.

What will happen on the plant-based front this year?  Does everything BBQ'd have to be meat?  Our local Sobey's had plant-based burgers in the meat section last week, with a promo sign outside of the store so I'm thinking BBQ season may be ready.

Food and Wine Magazine had a review of plant-based burgers in its April issue. Their winner is Impossible Burger 2.0.  They compare the flavour to beef, whether it is juicy, density like beef, etc. 
"This gluten-free burger has 19 grams of protein, and the new recipe uses soy protein, coconut oil, methylcellulose (a plant-based culinary binder), and sunflower oil.
Really succulent and umami-y. Almost identical to beef.”

Burger King has the biggest news:  it is testing Impossible Whoppers and supposedly employees can't tell the difference.

Here are some views of the Ottawa Layout.


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