Friday, May 10, 2019

Archie's Contribution

We got the social coverage of Archie yesterday.  Today we wonder about the financial aspects of the new baby. What does he contribute to the British taxpayer? 

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle get 2.7 million visitors a year.  The monarchy's annual contribution to the UK economy is estimated at around 1.8 billion pounds a year, with an additional tourism revenue of 550 million pounds.  They work as ambassadors has been estimated to be worth 150 million pounds a year in increased trade.

Then there are the secondary recipients of revenue - all those newspapers who cover royal weddings and royal babies.  That is valued at 50 million pounds a year. And the betting - it has been reported that baby-related bets totalled $1.3 million at the bookmaker William Hill. 

Forbes reports that the royal infant could boost spending on baby products by about $1.5 billion. There's a lot of merchandise to commemorate the baby's birth.  These limited edition items are already sold out. These are just a few of the immediate and clear benefits.  There is an expectation of increased tourism numbers this year. And finally, there is the 'feel good' effect at a time of anxiety of Brexit. And how does this contribute? It is expected to boost spending across bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and museums.  

So Archie is quite the contributor to the British economy:  we are in the era of "Money Reigns".  The monarchy will remain popular for quite a while.  

Today's picture is an amazing abstract sky picture from a few years ago.  It seems like marble to me.

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