Friday, April 12, 2019

Sink into Spring

What might sink in the spring?

"I don't know what happened:  the boat was sitting there on the bottom."

As we drove back from Ottawa, the highway revealed travelling boats heading to their summer destinations.  These boats didn't sit in water over winter. What would happen to make a boat sink over the winter? It looks like there are lots of parts to a boat, so quite a few things can be the cause - has the answer HERE

1. Heavy spring rains get through poorly caulked ports, hatches, chainplates, and deck fittings

2. If the owner is unaware of leaks because the automatic bilge pump dutifully kept the bilge dry during the warmer months, the battery and bilge pump may go dead over the winter.  Water accumulates.

3. A poorly attached hose (secured with only one hose clamp) can be "lifted" off the seacock as the water freezes and expands.

4. If water is left in the intake sea strainer, it can freeze and break the bowl.

5. If a stuffing box isn't tightened before the boat is laid up, even small amounts of water - steady drip - can eventually swamp a boat.

My own experience with boats is at the parking lot in Port Dalhousie where they are being stored.  Some are for sale. Of course, I am looking for the scrapes and  scratches on the bottom that make good photo opportunities.  

Ottawa has its namesake sign, complete with muskoka chairs.  This will be a busy scene in the summer when tourists arrive.  The market is a tourist attraction with the beavertail pastries and maple syrup for sale. 

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