Monday, April 29, 2019

Pothole Karma

Somehow I cam upon this remarkable artist yesterday.   It's a good thing as a few ideas were on my mind for today's topic and I might have forgotten this.  It is too good to miss.

This is Jim Bachor and here is the story: 

"Around 17 years ago I learned the ancient art of the mosaic in Ravenna, Italy. The permanence of the art form is what drew me in first. Marble and glass do not fade. Mortar is mortar. An ancient mosaic looks exactly as intended by the artist who produced it over two millennia ago. What else can claim that kind of staying power? I find this idea simply amazing. Since my experience in Italy, I've devoted myself to changing people's perception of what a mosaic could be. Using the same materials, tools, and methods of the archaic craftsmen, I create mosaics that speak of modern things in an ancient voice. From junk food to coffee to breakfast cereal, my work permanently locks into mortar unexpected concepts drawn from the present." That was on a funding site named kickstarter. 

He was asking for funding on kickstarter as all his work was installed - in potholes.  He has subsequently started producing pieces that can be taken home. What a lot of shows and awards.  There are lots of ice creamcicle/popsicles, dead rats, Trump, crumpled candy wrappers, roses.  And then a number of 'This is not a pothole anymore.'  He says that's probably his most popular piece.

Here's a video of Jim working in the street HERE. 

A story like this is wonderful - full of creativity, fun, engagement and activism.  YThere are some images off the pothole art after much driving.  It appears that one has been 'repaired' with asphalt as it disintegrates into a pothole again.  

More pictures from the National Gallery.  I waited until there were some people above me so that I could some pictures of them in the water reflections.  It was a slow day, so this group was it.  Waves make the human form so intriguing.

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