Friday, April 26, 2019

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart was extremely popular in the 1980's, when she introduced Americans to stylish living.  She was the author of books on cooking, entertaining and decorating, and they always featured many friends, many houses, and tall kinds of prestige-living possessions. She's not in the news as much - she's now 77 years old, but she still has a blog. 

She remains a promoter of prestige living.  Today she posted about spring blooming trees - of course she has several white and yellow magnolias outside her Summer House, and many more specimens around the vast property. She shows a picture of two large horse chestnuts in front of her stable.  

Yesterday's post talks about a benefit dinner that was held at the Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of New York City's famous Rockefeller Center. And the day before:  she's excited to announce her newest partnership with MSC Cruises, the Swiss-based world's largest privately-owned cruise line. So there it is - a little bit of nostalgia of times gone by.

Back to our delights of Spring, the white magnolias are opening here in Grimsby. Soon the pink ones will follow.

Here's the upcoming meet and greet this Sunday in Hamilton on Dundurn St. S.

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