Monday, April 22, 2019

If It Jiggles

That was Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He said:  "It's simple.  If it jiggles, it's fat"

After the Easter meals and chocolates I wonder about this question. Why does fat jiggle? While I don't have the answer from my searching this morning, I find out a few thing.  Muscle jiggles too, but it is heavier nd more dense.  And then there is the distinction between different kinds of fat.  It appears that not all fat does jiggle.  There are different ways in which our bodies store fat.  There is soft fat and hard fat. 

1. Subcutaneous - This is the soft fat that is squishy and jiggly. It is held underneath the skin. This subcutaneous fat is what we see as rolls or as dimpled cellulite. It has mind of its own and you cannot flex it or suck it in. You cannot hold your breath and have a double chin tighten or a flabby arm feel firm. This fat is the ugly stuff that is shunned by society.

2. Visceral - It sits deep inside the abdominal cavity and it surrounds the vital organs. It has greater access to the blood supply than soft fat because of its location within the abdomen.  Clearly it is the more dangerous fat.

What about the fat jiggling machines?  This is a vibrating slimming  belt  that is supposed to jiggle the fat away.  A recent article says they have these benefits: strengthening bone density in postmenopausal women, improved muscle strength in elderly adults, and improved balance in elderly adults.  They don't help with weight loss, muscle toning or muscle sculpting.  I could check out my local Y to see if it has a machine.  These are now in gyms as an added bonus for strengthening exercises.

Here's our floral thought for the week.

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