Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Earth Day and other Minor Secular Observances

I got to thinking about Earth Day.  There is a long list of "minor secular observances" in Wikipedia. Earth Day is one of these, along with yesterday's World Book Day.  Between now and May 1st which is May Day, we get celebrations and observances such as International Jazz Day, Instituted by the UN.  

I thought I would find some fun jokes on May Day, but they turn out to be in keeping with the fertility theme of the day.  Instead, we catch up with the celebration of National Book Day:
Q: What do you get when you throw a lot of books into the ocean?
A: A title wave.
Q: Why was the math book always worried?
A: Because it had so many problems.
Yesterday a book fell on my head...
Well, I only have my shelf to blame!

I have been reading a book about anti-gravity...
I just cannot put it down!

Q: Why did the Romanian stop reading for the night?
A: To give his Bucharest!

Here's the upcoming meet and greet this Sunday in Hamilton on Dundurn St. S.

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