Saturday, April 27, 2019

Blue Lawns Scenario

The most relaxing and peaceful colour is blue.  Next is violet, then pink and then green.

The psychological properties of colours website tells us that green is balance - harmony, refreshment, universal love, rest restoration, reassurance, emotion strength, friendliness, creativity.  These sound good.

In comparison blue is intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, and calm.  

So my question - what if plants were blue, how would things be different?

The nature of chlorophyll is such that it absorbs red light and blue light, and no green, which is why the plants appear green. This seems more like a premise for a fantasy plot rather than a scenario for how we might exist differently on the planet.  

It's another Magnolia tree day.

Here's the upcoming meet and greet this Sunday in Hamilton on Dundurn St. S.

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