Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bees at Notre Dame

Amongst the daily headlines is this one about Notre Dame:  180,000 bees were living on top of Notre Dame when the fire broke out - and they survived.  They have a beekeeper, so this isn't a surprise hive.  In fact, there were 3 beehives, and they are still intact.  The beekeeper is Nicolas Geant.  They were found to gathered together in the crevice of a gargoyle sculpture. How did they survive?  CO2 makes them drunk, and puts them to sleep.  You can imagine that the wax in the hives might melt with the intense heat from the flames.  Do you know that bees don't have lungs?  So there would be no possibility of dying from smoke inhalation.  Nicolas feels that it is a miracle. The hives have been there since 2013, an initiative to boost declining bee numbers in Paris. 

This sculpture at the National Art Gallery seemed like an engineering feat to me.  How quickly the landscape has turned to spring. 

Here's the upcoming meet and greet this Sunday in Hamilton on Dundurn St. S.

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