Monday, March 4, 2019

White Space Ahead

What is white space? It's not blank space.  It has a purpose.  In design is is also called negative space.  Wikipedia tells me that in the print and web world, it is the negative space where the page is left unmarked - margins, gutters, space between columns, etc. 
A more recent application is to represent the minimalist life. Jocelyn K. Glei says that if you analyze your daily schedule with an eye toward design, you will find out if you have preserved enough 'white space' within your daily workflow.  I wonder what the visual representation is for a day that is "extremely busy and cluttered". 

Another author, Brian Gardner is clear on what to do.  He suggests we declutter our physical space, paint our walls white, designate a quiet spot, get enough sleep, and hide the screens (the phones, etc).  

I wondered if there is a relationship between connecting dots and white space, but found myself in unchartered territory.  It is only unchartered from a 'tag' point of view on a google search.  Whenever I go after more complicated search terms and relationships, google reveals its limitations.

I found a wall art app the other day, and had a lot of fun with it. You drop your image into a room setting of your choice. Here are a few applications.  This is the Lake Effects Series followed by the Dark and Stormy Night Collage.

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