Friday, March 8, 2019

WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ... Daylight Savings Time

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW...this is a regular headline in the internet.  Today's topic is what you need to know about the time change to daylight saving time this Sunday.  There was nothing that I needed to know in the article on Daylight Saving Time from  But it got me to look at it.  What if there is something important this year and this weekend?

When I think of a clock - I see one of those regulation school clocks. Isn't this such a familiar sight all through my generation's childhood and well into adulthood.  We would see these clocks in schools, hospitals, industries.  What does the ITC stand for on this clock?  


It stands for independent transmit clock.  Looking at pictures of classrooms, there is the electric clock high on the wall in most of them.  I assume they are electromagnetic. It is interesting how little moI know about the time-keeping of clocks and yet they are so ingrained in everything we do today.

Remember the school bell in the classrooms?  It signalled the end of class.  It must have also signalled the beginning, but it is the end that seems more appealing to the memory.  The move to Daylight Savings Time is a welcome one - it signals the end of winter approaches and the beginning of spring is here.

Today's image was taken at Vineland Research - one of its buildings has a wall of boston ivy that turns a beautiful red in the fall.  The windows seem to be eyes reflecting the sky.


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