Saturday, March 9, 2019

What if...

Wake Up on the Bright Side 


What If questions are considered the questions that reimagine the future.  Forbes tells me so.

The article tells me that a 'what if' question is one where the brain usually holds no previous precedent, paradigm or example to rely upon for an acceptable answer, so the answer heads to a different area of the brain.

The Forbes article goes on to present these questions for our consideration:
• Health: "What if I felt energetic, focused and ready to go every morning?"
• Adventure: "What if I took the most outrageous adventure of my life this year?"
• Wealth/Investments: "What if I had $5 million in liquid assets invested by 2025?"
• Learning: "What if I finally learned to paint with watercolors?"
• Team: "What if we doubled our sales this year?"
Here's a question that seems very familiar.  It is the premise for a series of novels/movies (by Robert Ludlum). 
  • What if you woke up one morning with only the clothes you sleep in all alone in another country unable to speak the country’s language?

And here is Einstein's famous 'what if' question:

"What if I could ride a beam of light across the universe?"


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