Saturday, March 2, 2019

Skipping Along

I hadn't skipped a rope since I was a little girl.  I do this now in exercise class.  It is lots of cardio activity with balance added to it, so more work and skill than jumping jacks.  

I wonder why skipping is not a sport for adults in comparison to the many sports that are considered mainstream. It has a world federation and championships, and is included in the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympic Games.  Will it make it to the Olympics?  I learn that it might make it in 2028.  

I am including the link to the Daily Mail's video of 11 year old Chinese athlete Can Xiaolin who is shown in the video HERE skipping at 216 skips in 30 seconds.  It is so fast that I can't see the rope. That was in 2015.  It put him in the Guinness Book of Records. There are a few videos - in 2017 and then 2018 where he is was 15 years old and he has the two world records at 222 jumps in 30 seconds and 1,1110 in three minutes. While he is the fastest skipper, he scored poorly on free style, so doesn't show up as the overall champion.  

Back to our question of when it will get to the Olympics. There was a jumping rope show at the London Games in 2012.  The video is HERE.  There's also a video with a Chinese acrobatic team using one of their members as the rope.  

There likely is lots of work to get to the Olympics in comparison to sports with the biggest fan bases.   Soccer has 4 billion fans, cricket has 2.5 billion fans, field hockey has 2 billion fans, tennis has 1 billion.  Baseball has a mere 500 million fans.  There aren't any statistics on the number of fans for jump rope.

I think today's image comes from the Ringling Museum - it seems to say time is flying and soon spring will be here. 

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