Sunday, March 3, 2019

Blue is a Group

Blue Man Group (there's no "The" in the name) played in St. Catharines yesterday and we saw a performance. I had thought the theatre group started 20 years ago - it was actually in 1987.  This Group started as a street performance/disturbance event in NYC.  It was so creative that it immediately developed into small shows and by 1991 full performances.  It took the creative word by storm and continues to enchant with its disturbances. 

Cirque du Soleil now owns Blue Man Productions. The performance was definitely in the Cirque clown tradition with innocence, nativity, self-consciousness and the outsider - where one of the group of three performs in a manner inconsistent with the other two.  The Wikipedia entry covers the Blue Man dynamic.  The themes centre on science and technology - especially plumbing, fractals, human sight, DNA and the Internet.  Then there are the themes of information overload, innocence, self-conscious, naivety, the outsider, and rooftops (!).  All of these themes were in the show yesterday.  

At the end of the shows everyone was heading up the stairs rather than down the stairs to the outside.  They were heading to the boutique where blue man stuff is for sale - blue ducks, ponchos (as worn by the front section of the audience), lunch sacks, t-shirts, their albums - lots of stuff.  There aren't any products on their website. If you want to see some great images - this is the website.  The website content is very limited:  One can audition to be a Blue Man performer in Los Angeles at the end of March - Height Requirement 5'10" to 6'2", Body type:  Athletic build.  One can buy tickets.  The website is geared to selling tickets and hiring Blue Men. 

My iPhone is an earlier model so the noise and pixelation is always present.  Many of the kids around me were looking at their phones for messages from 'afar and away.'  My phone was looking into the room to get these inside messages. They were visually amazing.

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