Tuesday, February 5, 2019

World's Most Famous Person

Famous people, influential people, people who have remained in the social consciousness of humanity over decades, centuries, and millennia.  Ranker.com who we have visited before has received 2.1M votes from 147.1 voters on this topic.  

I choose to list the top 11 so that Shakespeare can be included:
Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Leonardo da Vinci
Galileo Galilei
Alexander the Great
Charles Darwin
William Shakespeare

The list is fascinating, although the perspective is people here/now voting.  Here's the full list HERE.

Jesus shows up as number 1 in all of the lists I looked at.  I've summarized some of the  rationale from listverse.com - the full article is HERE 

"Of the just over 7 billion people on Earth, just about one-third worship Jesus as the Christ of God so 2.33 billion people know who he is.  In addition, the followers of Islam and Judaism both know who he was.  There are some 1.75 billion Muslims on Earth.  There are 1.3 billion atheists the world over who know who he is.  It is possible that the only people on Earth who have no idea who he was are those people who belong to the 100 or so primitive, uncontested tribes remaining around the world.

Google claims that 129,864,880 books have been written and bound throughout history and still survive in book form in some library in the world. Out of these, it is estimated that 40% are about Jesus.  There are 52 million different books circulating the world right now that are in some way concerned with Jesus."

TIME Magazine articles on the 100 most famous people show up again and again. TIME has selected an official Person of the Year since 1927, as well as the top 100 people each year, so they are deeply invested in this area.  And isn't this an important aspect of our social consciousness - those who form our social past.

Today's picture is a buoy against a white background, making the buoy almost disappear.  It seems almost like a fish tail to me.


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