Monday, February 25, 2019

Why are Tattoos so Popular?

I ask the question from the point of view of motivation and not history.  Why are people getting tattooed so much today?  I stood in line at the local coffee shop and the young man ahead of me had tattoos on his head, down his neck, and on his arms.  

The articles tell me that millennials appear to be obsessed with tattoos.  The United States Navy has had to change its body art policies.  In 2010 about 40 per cent of millennials had at least one tattoo.  In 2017 one in five Canadians had a tattoo. That explains the coffee shop line up.  There were 4 people ahead of me. It doesn't explain the waterfall effect of the tattoos, though.  They seemed to flower from him more like lava than a refreshing spring.

The entrance of tattoos into mainstream media shows and on mainstream celebrities has speeded the significant shift towards acceptance.  The theory goes that tattoos are 'an expression of oneself' and they stand for the entirety of that identity.  And when I ask a person about their tattoo, they describe  what the tattoo expresses of themselves.  Tattoos aren't 'accepted'.  They are 'embraced'.

The alignment of person with workplace norms is the only remaining question.  The suitability of tattoos is now a past discussion.  The negative views are prevalent for healthcare professionals, police officers, lawyers, financial institutions, and school teachers.  But that's just lead and lag timing question.  When will I see a doctor with a tattoo on a wrist?  That's a prediction to make.

I didn't watch the Oscars last night. They have drifted into the past for me - it is a long time ago when they were fun and important - when Bob Hope and Johnny Carson  were the hosts in the golden age of television and movies.

I think there should be an article on this topic:  What do the Olympics and Oscars have in common?  That's because the headlines on the Oscars seem to point to the similarities:

Do the Oscars Even Matter Anymore?  
The Uncomfortable Truth About the Oscar
If the Oscars No Longer Care About the Public, Why Should the Public...
The Oscars' Dirty Secret:  Corruption, Bribery, Mafia-style Hit Job
Oscar Films:  75 years of bribes, lies and overkill
Oscars:  were you always so political?
Oscar Record Low Audience

But there is a brilliant moment at the Oscars 2019 -  Billy Porter's outfit - it has been named a gown-cedo. He wore an outfit with a tuxedo on top and a black floor length ball gown skirt on the bottom.  It is remarkable.  

Toronto Island garden images today.

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