Friday, February 15, 2019

Need a Coupon?

Is it ever national coupon day?  Coupons take up a whole month - September.

When did coupons start? In 1887, it was Coca-Cola who first got customers hooked on coupons.

In 2011 311 billion coupons were distributed and 3.5 billion were redeemed. Food accounts for 65.7% of the coupons.  One site told me that every American could get more than 1,000 coupons a year.  That's more than the Roman Catholic Saints.  We'd be purchasing like mad - using almost 3 a day. Social media has brought couponing to new levels - with 40% of young adults trading and swapping coupons on social media. 

Here's a pictorial history of coupons:

Let's enjoy some summer whether on Summer Street in Buffalo - here are two of the houses in the Buffalo Garden Walk.  I call the pink house - The Bubble House.  This cottage district named Little Summer was developed by Lydia Cox in the 1870's.  The street is closed to traffic and the tens of thousands of garden visitors take over.

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