Saturday, February 9, 2019

I put butter in my coffee...2019 diet trends

Google trending searches for 2018 included topics like actors, athletes, people categories. We are mostly obsessed with people.  Here's a search I wouldn't have imagined - magnetic eyelashes.  The magnets lock together between the natural lashes and secure the false lash along the natural lash line.  So ingenious!

Google has a diet theme.  Here are the top searches on diets:

keto - eliminate all the carbs and put butter in your coffee not cream
dubrow - interval eating to confuse the "satiety centre"
noom - an app focused on behavioural change
carnivore - foods that walked, swam or flew and pretty well nothing else - aka anti-vegan diet
mediterranean - plant-based emphasis, olive oil, herbs, limited red meat

That was in 2018.  What are healthline's predictions for the diet trends that will dominate 2019?

gut health - balancing the microbiome
plant proteins - new this year - dandelion greens, rainbow carrots, beets and amaranth
intermittent fasting - easy to follow 
keto diet - spotlight in 2018 will continue in 2019
hemp - anti-inflammatory effects
bitter food - asparagus, cucumbers, detox the GI tract
un-dieting - futility of dieting trend

And they conclude with an eighth one - intuitive eating - the practice of increasing one's awareness and experience of eating.  

So many news organizations have been covering diets.  U.S. News ranked diets on January 2nd, right in time for the resolutions - they ranked 41 diets overall.  That's a lot of diets to choose from. They are HERE.  The top three are: Mediterranean, DASH, Flexitarian and MIND (tied with Flexitarian).
A few more of our winter ice and fog pictures from a few days ago.

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