Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Flat Earth Society Has Members...Where?

There are people who consider the earth to be flat - they are vocal and prolific. With social media platforms they spread their message everywhere (I would say around the globe...) covered the flat earthers' explanation of the total lunar eclipse.  
"According to flat-Earth conspiracy theorists, this astronomical phenomenon — known as a total lunar eclipse — was actually a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of a mysterious "shadow object" that orbits the sun and occasionally passes in front of the moon from our point of view here, on an allegedly pizza-shaped Earth. 
Although flat-Earthers believe our planet is flat as a pancake, they surprisingly seem to have come to the consensus that the sun and moon are spherical objects. However, these theorists posit that both the sun and the moon orbit Earth's north pole, hovering directly above the pancake and never passing around to the other side. If that were true, however, lunar eclipses as we know them could not happen, because the moon must be on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun for such an event to happen. So, flat-Earthers fabricated a new explanation for the shadow seen on the moon during an eclipse.
In a post on the website run by The Flat Earth Society, the conspiracy theorists offer no description of the so-called "shadow object" — no details about its size, shape, composition or origin. But the writers claim that this mysterious, shadowy figure causes all lunar eclipses. Oh, and it's totally invisible when it's not in front of the moon."

You can read the LiveScience article HERE. You can read the post by the Flat Earth Society at their wiki website.  Did you know that there are numerous flat earth societies?  

Here are funny jokes and memes about the flat earth society(s).  I found these at HERE.  I thought you'd enjoy the first one the most:




Isn't this water reflection amazing with its colours?  This comes from the Kaufman Garden in Kansas City, and the garden flowers provide the many colours.

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