Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Chef's Summit

Is there something new in food? It is hard to find out.  It doesn't seem to be a premier 'topic' on google - one retrieves food near me and other take-out sorts of topics. 

With a little digging, though, I find out there is a Canadian Pizza Summit each year with a competition for pizza chef of the year.

In 2018  two winners shared the title of Chef of the Year. Chef of the Year (Traditional) is Giuseppe Cortinovis of Ignite Pizzeria in Vancouver. Chef of the Year (Open) is Dean Litster of Armando's Pizza in Windsor, Ont.

Cortinovis' pizza is called The Queen, a twist on the Margherita, while Litster's winning entry was a creative pizza he dubbed The Dean Martin.

The award chef of the year (around the world) is covered on finedininglovers.com.  The Le Chef compilation of the 100 best chefs in the world for 2019 has been released with chef Arnaud Donckele from the La Vague d'Or restaurant in Saint-Tropez named the best chef in the world.

You can see pictures of his 18 dishes HERE. And you can see the menu at the end with prices - 295 Euro is over $400 Canadian.
The Red Rose dessert is 44 Euro.

The world restaurant awards announced their shortlist of nominees on January 17th.  You can read about it HERE. There is the list of Big Plates:  These are the short-listed restaurants in categories like Original Thinking, Off-Map Destination, No Reservations Required, House Special, Event of the Year, Ethical Thinking and so on.

Then there are the small plates - the short list categories (tongue in cheek) are:  tweezer-free kitchen of the year, trolley of the year, tattoo-free chef of the year, and so on.  Wouldn't that be wonderful to see a chef without tattoos!

For the rest of us, the top 2019 trends don't have this razzle-dazzle.  They seem straight forward:  
  • Sri Lankan cuisine
  • Burmese cuisine
  • Meat-free
  • Kefir
  • Ugly fruit and veg
  • Hidden vegetables
  • Food halls
  • Eating where you shop... and so on.
Our pictures today come from Powell Garden in Kansas City.  

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