Sunday, December 30, 2018

What do doggies do on Bacon Day?

Why is a dog licking?

You will see this explanation all over the internet: this is how the mother communicates with her new puppies. 
Mostly with domestic dogs, licking is a sign of affection - and means things like I'm hungry, I submit to you and Let's be friends.

In comparison to a dog licking, here are things I don't expect a dog to do, especially not Dezi:

There's a dog that holds the world record for the fastest 30 metres on a scooter. Another dog has the recognizer for the most number of balls caught in its paws in a minute.  That was Purin who caught 14 balls in a minute. What about Jiff, a 'famous Hollywood Pomeranian' who has several records - two for quickly running on hind legs and also on front legs.  You can see him in a video in the Time article on all these dogs HERE.

There's a dog that has the fastest time to pop 100 balloons and another at the fastest 100 metres with a can balanced on its head. There has to be one with the most balls held in its mouth - five tennis balls. And someone has counted the number of bottles recycled by a dog - 26,000 plastic bottles over six years by a labrador in the U.K. in 2010. He would collect them, crush them and pass them to his owner.  I wonder if they used an excel spreadsheet for this and had an independent auditor.

We're not anywhere near national dog day - it is August 26th.  It celebrates dog ownership of all breeds.  We are actually at Bacon day, falling needles family fest day, and bicarbonate of soda day.

What I like about bacon day is the saying that goes with it:  everything is better with bacon.  Our pictures today show a 2016 Florida sunrise progression.


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