Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Unwrapping Christmas

What comes to your mind with the title "Unwrapping Christmas"?  It might include the playlist for radio stations, the title of a sermon for a church website, the name of a movie, a novel or two, etc.

The most interesting one? It is repeated over and over..."Canadian Man Finally Opens Christmas Gift..."  It appears that everyone over the globe knows about Adrian Pearce had refused to unwrap a Christmas gift given to him in 1971 because his girlfriend dumped him at the time.

CBC.ca has covered the story over the last few years, giving it global reach.  The story starts with 47 years of non-opening and concludes on the 50th anniversary.    The picture of the gift shows it is clearly a small book.  Here's the article  in which he has found the girlfriend and there is a plan for his wife or the former girlfriend Vicki to open the gift - he vowed he would never open it himself.   The CBC article on the  'opening ceremony' article is HERE.

What is the name of the book in the package? 
"It turned out to be a collection of comic strips called "Love is…" by artist Kim Grove. The single-frame strip, inspired by love letters from Grove to her husband, each includes a caption with ephemeral descriptions of love below a scene with the same recurring couple."
And what did the former girlfriend have to say about this 48 years old story? 

"I think that's a long time to hold a grudge. Really, it's a little worrisome. But I'm glad he did," she said with a smile. "I don't think there's anything he could have done differently that would have made me happier than what he's done with this."

Let's engage in the wonders of the natural world for our Christmas image:  this beautiful frost happened in the greenhouse in 2015 the we had extremely low temperatures.  

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