Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sweater Party Trending Now

Let's explore the possibility of the ugly Christmas sweater.  I remember the Christmas sweaters of 55 years ago - little embroidered presents or mistletoe against a pretty ivory background.   Or a men's sweater with a Christmas tree and its lights actually turn on.

Not anymore.  Here's what the Christmas sweater might look like now, as seen on Pinterest:

She hasn't gotten to the bottom of things - there is truly Christmas footwear as well:

These aren't even near the truly ugly tops available today.  See below - can you imagine being at a party and looking at this all evening, let alone wearing it.  And this one is just ugly.  There are rude and ugly sweaters.

Here's a sample on the Jingle bells and feel the joy theme and beside it is ugly Christmas sweater, couple sweater, vommiting reindeer with battery operated lights - ladies and mens (CA$172.68 from Etsy)    


Christmas shoes are truly creative.  This pair on eBay must have sold out, as they are out of stock.  And there are boots for those of us who live in snow land.


If you are inclined towards formality, the Christmas suit is a possibility. 

So now that we are dressed for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, here are a few tips:

1.  Invitations - they will make or break this event.  The crazier the better

2.  Decorations need to match - what about a the tree having some 'old sweater' decorators - get out that DIY spirit!

3. You are the host - you will need a special sweater!  Get busy!

4. Dessert table - everything sweet needs to have a sweater theme - cookies, cakes, all in the shape of sweaters!

5. The Photo booth - of course!  How else to capture the joy!

6. Awards - they didn't get those ugly sweaters for nothing - get the vote ballots ready for the favourite ugly!  Here are a few categories:
  • All-Around UGLY Sweater
  • Most Original
  • Best Couple Combo
  • Most Likely to get Arrested if Seen in Public
  • Most Festive
  • Biggest Loser 
  • Funniest
  • Most Likely to go Viral on Social Media
Our conductor from Strasburg says "Games Up" time to board!

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