Friday, December 7, 2018

Making Memories of Christmas Past

Are there some new Christmas traditions?  Christmas has a great tradition of 'memories past', stories of longing for childhood activities gone by.  There's good news out there:  here are some new ideas that can form family traditions and set the foundation for 'memories past'.

1. Matching family pyjamas

The entire family will look adorable in their festive jammies - plus it'll make for a super cute photo-op in the morning!

2. The reverse Advent Calendar

Something has to be put into the 'calendar box' each day and it gets donated to a food bank or charity at Christmas

3. Tic-Tac candy cane plants

Plant mint Tic-Tacs in a tub of sugar and get the kids to 'water' them with glitter every day.  Then replace them with candy canes which have magically 'grown'

4. Capture the magic

Upload a picture of your living room, kitchen, hallway (wherever you keep the tree) and the folks at Capture the Magic allow you to superimpose Santa into the snap!

5. The Christmas Box

This box contains small Christmas-themed gifts, decorations and activities for the family to do over the month

6. Elf on Shelf

The elf gets moved around every night and has to be found in the morning

7. North Pole Breakfast

December 1st or whichever day the Christmas tree gets decorated, the family has an all-treats breakfast.  Pictured here are strawberry Santas.  

There are lots of great new traditions - looks like Christmas will continue to be a heart-warming time of year for young families.  

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