Monday, December 31, 2018

It's New Years All Day Long...Somewhere

The New Year's Eve of our lifetime occurred in the year 2000.  We likely all remember the celebration that year, and enjoyed fireworks from around the world.  Of course, we think of Sydney with its spectacular opera house and bridge.  There's a live feed at the Guardian with greetings from each country as it heads into 2019.  You can check out the feed HERE.

Fireworks are underway in Sydney where the time is 10:39pm.  Samoa and Christmas Island are the first places on the planet to enter into 2019.  Chatham Islands, New Zealand has joined them, and shortly a small part of Russia will be there at 7:00am our time.    The New Year finally ends Tuesday at 7:00am when US Minor Outlying Islands - Baker & Howland Islands bring in the new year.  Samoa and American Samoa are a day apart in time with only 64 km of ocean distance between them. 

At the Guardian feed, New Year's Resolutions are flowing in, and a month by month look ahead is included.  Canada has its own entry in October - we have Canadian elections. You can read the fast-forward of 2019 HERE

And what about resolutions   There's a chart of what American's think Trump's resolutions should be - at the top of the list 22.8% of respondents think he should resign, 10.4% think he should tweet less, and so on.

In keeping with these woefully out of touch resolutions of what Trump would consider doing, I found a series of  sad and useless resolutions from the creative and funny website:

1. Take a walk every day or at least briefly consider it
2. Don't spend too much time wearing pants
3. Maybe gain 5 lbs
4. Take every disappointment as a reason to give up
5.  Don't let anything get in the way of eating an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting
6. Something something saving money
7. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and just focus on butts
8. This year I will live up to my full potent..oh look a shiny object
9. Don't waste time learning
10. Spend time doing what really matters:  watching Netflix
11. Forget a foreign language you only vaguely learned in high school
12. Read more book...takeout menus
13. See the world through the magic of internet
14. Maybe try to be nicer to other people but only if you feel like it
15. Hold someone's hand at sunset... just kidding, that's dumb
16. Avoid adulthood by spending more money on videogames
17. Forget past mistakes and press on to greater mistakes
18. Stop making resolutions, just get out there and start eating cheese

This is a funny website - you can check out another of their posts of a Dad who turns his 6-year-old son's drawings into reality  - HERE. These are line drawings that are then turned into hilarious photo images. I've included the first one to encourage you to jump over - they are all very funny and make up for the useless resolutions.

Have a Happy New Year's Celebration!

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