Thursday, December 13, 2018

How Beserk Can Christmas Sweaters Get? Really Beserk!

Pinterest is always looking out for me.  I have found their garden ideas to be helpful in my garden presentations - they bring novelty and fun to most everything.  They are persistent and the ugly sweater post last week brought some more ugly sweater pins.  It isn't any normal pin - here it is;
This article is from Inventor Spot - "We like to keep on the cutting edge".  The sweaters include the eat me gingerbread sweater, the frisky deer sweater, Squeeze my huge...reindeer noses sweater, barfing reindeer sweater, deck the halls in dingleberries, Santa on the pooper sweater, Santa is a naughty boy sweater, Kardashing your ass through the snow sweater, and so on.  The site is HERE.  

Inventor Spot continues the theme: They have a post on equally strange Christmas ornaments.  Some are available on Amazon under the title 'pornaments' - clear enough what the ornaments are.  They also found creepy things.  What do you think of a series of fetus and embryo ornaments, pee and poop ornaments, farting Santa and reindeer ornaments?  What would you do if a son-in-law showed up wearing beardaments (12 pc colourful Christmas facial hair baubles)?  What if your children shopped on Etsy and got you the handmade flying spaghetti monster or Trump snowflakes?

And then I found the truely creepiest ornament of all!  
Jingle bells taxidermy mouse ornament

"These hanging mice are made to order! Please note that you will not get the mouse in the picture, but a similar one in a similar pose. Due to the nature of the product, each mouse will vary in color and have a different fur pattern. If you would prefer a certain color (grey, light tan, brown, or black) please contact me in advance and I can make that happen! These are real taxidermy mice, so they make a wonderful addition to any oddities collection".  Here's the person's store.  I could never make this stuff up.

We have a normal tree ornament picture today.  The Fantasy of Trees completed with a draw for the trees and raffle items.  There were over 40 trees and close to 60 raffle items.  The trees are top quality - bought on sale, marked down from retail prices of $300 - 400. We  store them for the year.  My brother, Brian and I went through the display and he picked out a tree he liked.  I bought 3 pages of tickets, put them all in this tree's box  - and he won.  This tree was titled "Baby it's cold outside" and was decorated by Tiffany, one of the Museum staff.  She's a great designer of tree themes and did beautiful posters for us for advertising.

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