Monday, November 5, 2018

People's Choice

When did the idea of "The People's Choice" start?  This is not a topic  - it has no origin date and no serious definition.  At the urban dictionary, we'll find a satirical definition:   "Any group of tossers that self proclaim their greatness by assuming the collective title of "Peoples Choice". Usually participate in QuietThunder, if not it is because they are also known to suffer from permaflop.  Oh man, i would rather sit on the grenade than deal with the "Peoples Choice"

It seems to me that there are a few possibilities:  that people's choice awards and ideas come out of the microeconomic theory area of Consumer Choice.  The idea of a People's Choice Award is to give consumers the voting power to decide the # 1, #2, and so on.  The second possibility is having political origins of making decisions/choices through voting.

Today we have opportunities to vote for our favourite retail and service organization, usually through media outlets - newspapers and websites.  Up pops the number 1 city and restaurant in the world.  A humorous article says that Wawa's bathrooms were voted number 1 in Pennsylvania and number 2 in the country? I did vote for Longwood Garden's washrooms as the most interesting washrooms in the U.S.  They won (!) Who would guess washrooms would be a subject of people's choice.

People's choice awards should also be considered a reaction to awards that are juried and judged by experts and authorities. This is the case of the People's Choice awards where the intent is to "thumb their nose at the Academy" and "The people have spoken and their choice has been heard, and high time too. What we have here is democracy in action, and a poll in which every voter is equal and every ballot counts."  These two quotes are from The Guardian newspaper article by Xan Brooks in 2009.

And so we conclude the topic of People's Choice -  very prevalent, but without much analysis.  That would leave an opening for a book or two.

We have two abstracts today -the first picture is grunge 'as is' with slight enhancements in Photoshop.  The second picture starts with a grunge image and then is finished with painting in photoshop using French Kiss grunge brushes to create a more interesting composition.

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