Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nov 13 - Serious Mistakes

Do you read the second page of the Globe and Mail for the corrections?  Here is a gathering of the funniest corrections in newspapers.  Our first reaches levels of the sublime:

Our second involves the mundane:

And another truly notable mistake:

It must be because this newspaper is located in our nation's capital:

I would expect that person might get a few phone calls before this correction was made:

After yesterday's story of atheist ministers, this headline doesn't seem so ridiculous now:

This Daily Mail correction must have been giving lessons to the current U.S. President:

The full article is at  thethings.com - each headline has a humorous commentary.  One of today's trending stories is a topic I covered yesterday.  I thought it was unusual that someone would own a cat cafe. I underestimated what is possible, particularly in Japan.  You can look at the 10 Most Unique Animal Cafes From Around The World HERE.

I find out there are racoon cafes, hedgehog cafes, a nature cafe with sheep, goat cafe, reptile cafe, alpaca petting cafe, rabbit cafe, bird cafe, owl cafe, baby chick cafe.

Here's one of my images that will be in an art show coming up in March 2019.  The show will open March 2nd 1:00pm at The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton, 170 Dundurn St. S. Hamilton.  This is an informal meeting area in the church where art is displayed on a rotating cycle.  I'll keep you posted on the show.

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