Monday, November 26, 2018


What does it mean to 'think out loud' - we all seem to do it. This definition comes from under the heading ThinkingOutLoud.   

Thinking out loud is the act of expressing in recoverable and external form new thoughts which you encourage your mind into exploring. Often these lead to new avenues of thought. When you think out loud you detect and explore ideas and concepts which are either unknown, or as yet unexplored. This exercise can be the first step in moving from a mental doldrums into new paths of exploration.

MacMillan's definition is simpler:

to say something as soon as it comes to your mind, without writing to consider if it is sensible or useful, as in 'Take no notice, I'm just thinking out loud'.  

The headline promises an in-depth humorous look at the topic:  

The Science of Thinking Out Loud 
Is verbalizing your problems a signpost for insanity, or a legit way to figure things out?  Here's my favourite excerpt:

Statt alludes to an exercise computer programmers regularly employ known as “rubber duck debugging.” “When trying to work through a difficult code,” she says, “they’ll vocally explain the problem they’re having to a rubber duck on their desk. By explaining the code in detail, the programmers often find a way to work through whatever issue they were struggling with in the first place, reiterating the belief that auditory expression is beneficial overall.”

What about giving rubber ducks for Christmas wrapped in the article by Quinn Myers?

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