Sunday, November 11, 2018

Hobby On!

A prelude to my post today is to ask you to contact me if you experienced a gap in receiving the Photo of the Day.  At the  beginning of October, the percentage of opens dropped significantly.  In the last day or two, I've received emails from recipients welcoming me back to Photo of the Day.  I have sent out posts every day, so I've concluded that some of the email systems such as sympatico had problems which have now been fixed.

If you find yourself in this situation in the future, the photo of the day is posted on my blogs - and

Today I decided to explore our interests and past-times.  I didn't need to do much work at all.  Did you know that the following are actually identified as hobbies:

Tatooing vehicles - self-evident but still strange

Mooing - competition in Wisconsin, recently won by a ten-year-old boy

Faking your own death  - known as pseudocide - variations exist and the most famous one is one man whose hobby is acting out murder scenes - calls himself Dead Body Guy

Competitive dog grooming - dogs dyed various colours and trimmed weirdly to look like flamingoes, clowns, leopards, parrots, etc making them look like freaks - particularly since the groomers dress the same

 Tape art - using old cassette tape, adhesive tape, duct tape, etc to make  to make pictures, particularly street art - has a society and website - this one is worth looking at

 Trainspotting - an ordinary hobby - but Train Surfing is extraordinary - jumping on the outside of a passenger train and hitching a ride

Navel fluff collecting -the yuk one in the list - again one strange man who has done this for more than 20 years so has evidence of his interest

 Extreme ironing - ironing things in strange places - mountains, rivers, skydiving...a yearly competition to prove it exists

Hikaru Dorodango - this is polishing dirt - take a ball of mud, draw the moisture out of it while coating it with finer and finer layers of soil after which you start to work the dirt by polishing it by hand into a sphere.  This is a Japanese art and the word means 'mud dumpling'. You can read about it at Wikipedia HERE

News-Bombing - there is only one person doing this - he is an ugly man in the UK who goes to live news broadcast locations to stand in the background behind the journalist - making a point about allowing ugly people on-screen

There are new and amazing things to discover about us humans that I could not have imagined possible. We are both funny and bizarre

I found these exposed tree roots with their complex swirling shapes and textures in Minneapolis.

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