Saturday, October 6, 2018

Wasp Songs vs Dezi House Rules

We had to have a wasp nest removed - it was in the soffits at the back porch where people walk.  A tiny hole was their entrance door.

A wasp's stinger is smooth, like a needle, so it can sting your skin many times.  Why would it have that capability? It preys upon other insects for food or as a host for its parasitic larvae.  
The venom in wasps contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive and so many stings can happen.

The only wasps that survive the winter are young fertilized queens.  They emerge from overwintering in the spring to build new nests.  Initially the queen lays up to a dozen eggs and when they hatch into larvae she feeds them until they become workers. The workers then forage for food, feed the new larvae and defend the nest.

In late summer, the colony produces males and new queens.  They fly away to mate and the queens then find a place to hibernate.

In the world of wasps, here are a few jokes:
What is a wasps favourite film?
– Sting-ing in the Rain!
Who is a wasps favourite singer?
– Sting!
What is a wasps favourite song?
– Sultans of Sting!
What sport do wasps play?
– Sting-pong!
What is a wasps second favourite film?
– Lord of the Stings!

Dezi doesn't have anything to say about wasps in her house rules.

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