Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hyphenated-Specialist or Chief Chatter Officer

We are in the age of creativity where convoluted jobs and job titles  are a mark of prestige.  What would you be doing if you were the Chief Chatter?  You'd be the Call Centre Manager.  What about an Animal Colourist - the person who dyes animals for movies and marketing campaigns. A Digital Overlord is a website manager.  A Cheese Sprayer - someone who sprays cheese or butter by hand on popcorn.

Here are job titles that the author could not figure out and labelled indecipherable:
43.  Under Secretary to the Sub-Committee – ?????
44.  Hyphenated-specialist – ??????
45.  Second Tier Totalist – ??????
46.  Actions and Repercussions Adviser – ??????
47.  Professionalist International and world-wide optical and vision-focused tenured professorship – ??????
50.  Chief Biscuit Dunker – ??????
An in-depth article comes from Fortune.  It identified 20 ridiculous job titles in well-known companies held by real people.  Here are a few in the article HERE
Paranoid In Chief  Company: Yahoo 
Description: Let’s be honest — Paranoid in chief sounds much more intriguing than plain old “chief information security officer.” And it makes sense: Yahoo’s entire cybersecurity division is known as “the Paranoids.” 
In-House Philosopher Company: Google
Description: This title is proof that your philosophy degree could land you a job at Google. Even the search giant needs someone to turn to when it has a question. The company literally employed someone whose job is to solve engineering problems using “a humanistic perspective.”
Chief Executive Unicorn Company: PowToon
Description: Because there aren’t enough unicorns, there’s one over at PowToon as well. Ilya Spitalnik is CEO (or CEU) of the company that sells software to make animated explainer videos. However, it looks like Spitalnik may have recently changed his title to “Chief Renegade Scientist.”

I wonder what Dezi's job title is in the vineyard at Legend's Winery, located on the shore of Lake Ontario.

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