Sunday, October 14, 2018

Exit Code for Autumn Leaves

Our fall colour is on track according to Ontario Parks.  The little map with the peak viewing tells us most of the province is at peak colour.

It is an impressive representation. You can find it at HERE.  Here is the entry for Killbear Park:

Killbear - Report Date : October 11, 2018
Dominant Colour : Yellow/Orange
Colour Change : 80 - Leaf Fall : 20
Best viewing : Yellow and orange are dominant with occasional splashes of brilliant red set off nicely against the dark green of our pines. The best colours are along the Recreation Trail, the Lookout Point Trail and near beaver ponds. Killbear should reach peak colour over the next week, but lots of fall colour (mostly shades of yellow) will remain until the end of October. Killbear is open for camping and Day Use until Sunday October 28th.

We're at the migration time here in Grimsby with the bird count taking place at It has a chart that shows the hotspots.  St. Catharines - Port Weller east pier has the highest species count at 249, with Beamer Conservation Area (that's us in Grimsby) at 227.  One of Dezi's favourite walking places is Happy Rolf's in St. Catharines and the count there is 92.

In total, there are 100 locations identified with bird counts. Yesterday's visit was to Charles Daley Park to catch a bit of the locust colour before the wind takes most of it away.  Being on the shore, these trees don't get to show off for long. I was happy to catch the colour that was there.  
The picture below is the interpretation from 2012.

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