Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Water Tales

I've never retrieved the countdown calendar before.  So I took a look - it is the 84th day of Summer and the 37th Wednesday of 2018. The days to go to today are 0.  An extraordinarily ordinary day - no major holidays or observances in Canada for this date.

But just below this is this heading - Possible Ogopogo video.  What is Ogopogo?  It is the legendary creature of Okanagan Lake.  Okanagan Lake is a large, deep lake - 135 km long and 232 metres maximum depth. 

"Whether it was truly the sighting of the legendary lake monster – or just a rogue wave, as science has shown in other sightings – their experience proves one thing: Ogopogo may be elusive, but the legend is very much still alive for those who want to believe".

I had hoped to see something in the Video HERE. However, it turns out to be a shaky video of water.  So I found this statue to give us a sense of the mighty creature of the deep.

Our pictures today come from the Contest Room at the Minneapolis Convention.  The square footer contest is what it says it is - a model built on a square foot.  The winner was our friend Al Collins' water tank - itself a Mount Albert kit.  

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