Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dogs and Children

I got to wondering how dogs compare to children in size and weight.  I guess there are dogs that compare to adults as well - think of a male Bullmastiff at a 110 to 130 pounds.  That weight would be a female human adult at five feet four inches.  Chihuahuas weigh around 6 pounds, so that would be a newborn baby girl (of low weight as newborn weight starts at 7 lbs) and almost 20 inches tall. The average Golden Retriever is 70 lbs so that translates to a 10 year old boy.  

Whatever a dog's size, they are willing partners for an outdoor walk in the woods.  We can't be sure what a 10 year old boy would want to do this Saturday.

Where will we go to get the best Fall colour experience? The website has a Fall Colour Map HERE

You can go to Algonquin Park right now and see good colour due to cool temperatures over the last few days.  The information includes the report date, dominant colour, colour change and best viewing.  Colour change looks like a percentage colour and percentage leaf fall.  So in Algonquin right now the colour change is 50% and leaf fall 10%.

There were no Niagara parks included in the report. So I checked out the Fall Colour Progression Report from this SITE.  The colour change in Niagara is 0%.  Included is Beamer Conservation Area - that's Grimsby's park on the escarpment.  Also covered are Brock's Monument, Ball's Falls and Niagara Falls.  Burlington's Royal Botanical Gardens has its own entry with 0% change.  So we're not yet into the Fall colours here in Niagara.

So we'll use the colours of pumpkins for our Fall image today.  This is Hildreth's on Greenlane, a fruit and vegetable stand.

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