Monday, July 23, 2018

What Age are you wearing?

Can we tell the age of a person by simply looking carefully at what they are wearing? That's my theory - the style and colours tell the story.  This seems to me to be a sociological study rather than a google search.

On the other hand, I found this article in  What makes it remarkable is that it identifies ages such as 30 as being too old to wear various styles.  It is clearly addressed to women.  There are some articles for men, but fashion is targeted primarily to women.

Top 10 items you're too old to wear

1. Message t-Shirts (retail retirement age: 30)
2. Too-trendy denim (retail retirement age: 35)
3. Costume shoes (retail retirement age: mid-40s)
4. Micro-mini skirts (retail retirement age: 40)
5. Anything showing excessive cleavage (retail retirement age: 50)
6. White, ribbed cotton tank tops (retail retirement age: 40)
7. Hair gadgets (retail retirement age: 30)
8. Oversized, overly-decorated hobo bags (retail retirement age: 50)
9. Cheap, unflattering underwear (retail retirement age: 40)
10. Loud accessories (retail retirement age: 35)
11. Visible or coloured bra straps (a throw-in without age)

Here's the concluding platitude:  “But what you’re striving for isn’t to look youthful – it’s to look ageless,” DeMartino says. “This way, you’re going to look more fabulous because the look is appropriate for you.”  It is followed by a referral to Charla Krupp’s How Not to Look Old  (Grand Central Life & Style).

There are lots more top ten lists on what to do/not do:  the AARP entertains us with their concluding four items:
  • Gold chains with your name on them.
  • Gold chains with anyone's name on them.
  • Gold chains.
  • Chains.
We had lots of rain in the garden yesterday, so I took a few shots of the rain drops. 

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