Thursday, July 26, 2018

There's Nothing for you, really

Is 'nothing' a negative?  Don't we think of 'anything' as positive?  That seems so interesting to me.  The definition of nothing is:  not anything, no single thing.

However, when I compare these two sentences:

"There is nothing for you".  vs.  "There isn't anything for you".

There seems to be a subtle difference.  The first sentence could be continued with "and don't check with me again", while the second sentence could be continued with "and check with me again later".

Can you imagine learning a new language such as English with these kinds of distinctions?

Here is a quote from Richard Rodgers:

"There isn't anything I wanted to do that I haven't.  At the same time there isn't anything I've ever done that I didn't want to do better".  

So on to the opposite of nothing - something.   Here are two funny sights from my Toronto trip a few weeks ago.  First the delivery truck of parking machines.  The second shows two men doing some measuring with what looked like a camera, but is an instrument to measure speed.  I noticed them because of the running, jumping and various athletic activities.  


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