Sunday, July 22, 2018

How old is Kirk Douglas?

Have you ever wondered about your favourite celebrities from past decades?  At NEWS 1130, they list the celebrity birthdays for the following week in order of oldest to youngest.  Here are today's celebrity birthdays:

July 22: Actor Orson Bean (“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”) is 90. Actress Louise Fletcher is 84. Actor Terence Stamp is 80. Game-show host Alex Trebek is 78. Singer George Clinton is 77. Singer-actor Bobby Sherman is 75. Actor Danny Glover is 72. Writer-director Paul Schrader is 72. Singer Don Henley is 71. Actor-comedian-director Albert Brooks is 71. Composer Alan Menken (“Little Mermaid,” ”Little Shop of Horrors”) is 69. Actor Willem Dafoe is 63. Singer Keith Sweat is 57. Singer Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls is 55. Actor-comedian David Spade is 54. Actor John Leguizamo is 54. Bassist Pat Badger of Extreme is 51. Actress Irene Bedard (“Pocahontas”) is 51. Actor Rhys Ifans (“Elementary,” ”Notting Hill”) is 51. Actor-singer Jaime Camil (“Jane the Virgin”) is 45. Musician Daniel Jones (Savage Garden) is 45. Singer Rufus Wainwright is 45. Actress Franka Potente (“The Bourne Identity”) is 44. Actress A.J. Cook (“Criminal Minds”) is 40. Actor Keegan Allen (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 31. Singer-actress Selena Gomez is 26.

It seems so fascinating.  I would not have realized Louise Fletcher or Terence Stamp were over 80.  What about Kirk Douglas?  He's age 101, born in 1917.  (His son Michael Douglas is 73 years old).  Olivia de Havilland is age 102, born 1916.

There's a wikipedia list of actors, entertainers, celebrities who are centurions (living and deceased).  I found this person in the list:  Ruthie Thompson, born 1910, age 107, American animator.  (Maybe she's 108 by now).

This seems really old.  In comparison the oldest verified living person is 117 years old - Chiyo Miyako, born May 2nd, 1901.  And the oldest person who has ever lived and whose age has been verified is Jeanne Calmest at age 122 years, 1875-1997.  She has a fascinating story HERE.

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