Monday, July 2, 2018

After the Last One

Is there a term for the one after the last one?  

How could there be?  It is the 'last one'. 

The following are the words for Nth last:
  1. ultimate — last
  2. penultimate — next to last
  3. antepenultimate — next to next to last
  4. preantepenultimate — next to next to next to last
  5. propreantepenultimate — next to next to next to next to last
Now the final one is of dubious pedigree. Another “word” for the fifth from last (also dubious, but older) is suprapreantepenultimate.

So we aren't going to have celebration day after July 1st.  Or we won't consider it an 'ultimate'.  That doesn't stop there being titles such as:  "The Day After the End of the World".  

Our coverage of July 1st  comes from Ruth Moffatt - Rick Blechta leading us in the singing "Oh Canada"

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