Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Watch 100 news stories super fast!

Which intelligence would we use to watch 100 news stories at super fast speed on India TV?  The offer comes from News 100.  It is, indeed, very fast!  I think the news, though, is the top stories in India.  It is a bit hard to tell - it goes very fast.

What about 5 apps to read today's news headlines, quickly - News Bot, Liten.in, News in Shorts, Swipe News.  These are great names for news-reading apps.

Who offers the fastest breaking news service in the world?  Quora asks these kinds of question for me.  And answers indicate that Twitter and Google News Alerts are fast, but better yet is DATAMINR - it offers newsrooms and wire services the ability to mine twitter info around breaking developments and verify news for fastest delivery to the user. 

A more recent question has come to mind. Which news should I pay attention to? Or not pay attention to?  Rolf Donelli, author of the Art of Thinking Clearly, says news is to the mind the equivalent of what sugar is to the body: "Something appetizing, easy to digest, and highly destructive in the long term".  

Headlines postulate that television news is not dying, but that print newspapers are dying faster than you think, or at best, that the future of print journalism is unclear. There is a lot of news that comes our way: here's the case of news about news.

Another look at the Longwood Grotto today. 

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