Saturday, June 16, 2018

UP on the Roof

The contents of my conservatory greenhouse are still in the garden.   Compared to yesterday morning, it is very clean outside and in.

How does one clean the outside of a greenhouse?  From the roof!  The little yellow chord in the picture is the water supply.

What is the difference between a conservatory and a greenhouse?  Wikipedia gives us three options:
  • Conservatory (greenhouse), a substantial building or room where plants are cultivated, including medicinal ones and including attached residential solariums
  • Music school, or a school devoted to other arts such as dance
  • Sunroom, a smaller glass enclosure or garden shed attached to a house, also called a conservatory
So greenhouse and conservatory are interchangeable.  

Along the way, I saw that a conservatory and musikgymnasium appear similar.  Musikgymnasiums are in Germany.  In Germany, this term describes one of three types of the most advanced types of German secondary schools.  It sounds similar to the Royal Conservatory of Music - musical education for youth.  The Royal Conservatory is outside the regulated education system in Ontario. Its is an independent institution, although it used to be governed by the University of Toronto.  Its royal charter came from King George VI in 1947.  

Who would be considered its most famous pupil?  Would it be Glenn Gould or Oscar Peterson?  There's a very long list of graduates HERE.  They include Gordon Lightfoot, Diana Krall, Gordon Pinsent, Norman Jewish, and Randy Bachman.  Jeff Healey is listed, but I heard him on his JazzFM show say that he was disgusted by their lack of interest in early Jazz (his specialty), and he left in the first semester.  In his biography it says he received an Honorary Licentiate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. 

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