Saturday, June 30, 2018

To Err is Human

I have a new camera (body) - the Canon 6D.  It is a full-frame camera so is a step up from the 7D.  

This morning I find I can't import the recent pictures taken and while I follow the instructions online, I still can't copy the images. So I've spent all my time this morning on following up error messages and instructions.  So my posting this morning is simple:  I found this site with the funniest real error messages HERE.

Here's an example:

Connection failed.
Disconnected from server
Connection failed.
OOPS: child died

This is a picture of the restaurant Frankie Tomato's.  We went there before Christmas for a group dinner. The last time I went to Frankie's was 25 years ago, when I worked at Imperial Oil.  What a surprise to see it still there with all its crazy decorations.  

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