Thursday, June 28, 2018

High School Graduation Mandatory Phrases

What about graduation? It seems like things have significantly changed over the last 5 decades.  I recall that my high school years were about academics.  While a "School Letter" could only be achieved if one also engaged in social clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities, the first requirement was good grades.  

Now high school graduation talks about preparing for "the journey ahead."  There is tremendous emphasis on the social environment and engagement in community.  There is a lot of talk about these being the best four years of their lives.  I am shocked by such sentiments.  I can't imagine living in the possibility that it is all downhill from here.  So why would one prepare? 

So I googled graduation speeches best four years, and I begin to think that these speeches are taken off the internet.

The telltale phrases (maybe they are mandatory, who knows?):

I would like to start by thanking...
It is truly my honour.
It is strange how quickly time passes.
It feels like yesterday I was standing here at eight grade graduation.
Those days went by faster than we ever imagined
We did it.  We're finally graduating.
We couldn't have made it to this moment alone.
They taught us how to be better people.
Every end has a new beginning.

So the highlight moment is, off course, the caps flying in the air.  Next we see our federal Member of Parliament, Dean Allison, caught on camera passing the finish line.  And then the communicative shoes in movement.

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