Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don't be Blindsided by the Future

What a great headline this is today.  It comes from Google's top rated futurist speaker, Thomas Frey.  The query I entered was 10 unanswerable questions.  

Here's how he views things.  His headline is: 10 of Life's Most Unanswerable Questions...that neither science nor religion can answer.  

Here are his 10 questions:

1. Why are there exceptions to every rule? He says everything has exceptions and that exceptions matter because nothing comes with 100% predictability.
2. Why do logic  and reason fail to explain that which is true?
3. Is the universe finite or infinite?
4. Why does anything exist?
5. Why does time exist?  He quotes Albert Einstein's comment:  "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."
6. Why do humans matter?
7. Why are humans so fallible?
8. Do human accomplishments have long-term meaning?
9. Why is the future unknowable?
10. What is the purpose of death?

Find all the details on the 10 questions  HERE.  Then hop over to his articles on drone taxis/mini airportsmorphing mannequins20 common jobs in 2040 and so many more topics about the future.  Tom Frey's view of the future is fascinating.  He outlines the opportunities ahead with an inventor's mind. 

And our pictures today?  A wedding couple at Longwood, smiling into the future.


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