Friday, June 8, 2018

Don't be Blindsided by Elections!

Yesterday was Ontario's Day in the spotlight.   The world was watching our election.  We are in a similar position as the U.S. election that resulted in Trump's win.  We have a mini-Trump leader in the conservative party. The liberal government has been in power for more than a decade and has performed dismally on all counts, especially the fiscal one.  The New Democratic Party has the possibility of creating a minority government, but has been blind to the fiscal issues at hand and offered to spend, spend, spend. 

There is much despondency voiced by voters.  The Globe and Mail has heard this and the front page has the headline "Your Vote Counts."

How would you vote if you knew what the future held with each candidate?  Or how our decision might impact other jurisdiction voters?

The easy prediction is that it is going to be an exciting evening.  And then what? Our headline from yesterday seems so poignant - don't be blindsided by the future!

So many great stories in the Strasburg Machine Shop - abstracts, small locomotives in repair, and the view out of the shop with the train going by.

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