Monday, June 25, 2018

Close Encounters Are All Around

I have not been to the Toronto Necropolis.  It is at 200 Winchester Street and is where many famous Torontonians have been buried.  I've been on Winchester Street many times - it is near the Riverdale Farm which I also haven't visited. I  wonder how I could have missed the beautiful Gothic Revival architecture, a cemetery of beautiful trees, and historic sculptures.

Nor have I seen The Half House at 54 1/2 S. Patrick St.  even though I've walked on that street many times.  I'll go take a picture of it to share with you.

The sculptures that I have avoided are in Ireland Park at Bathurst St. and Queens Quay.  They are strange sculptures of Irish immigrants.

There's a listing of 25 unusual things to do in Toronto at  - check it out HERE.   There are some interesting things to do and see this summer in Toronto.

How could I have missed the Devils Tower Mountain in this railroad scene? Does it look like the mountain to you?

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