Wednesday, May 16, 2018


There is a Royal wedding this Saturday, and people will be remembering the Royal wedding that riveted the world - that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981.  It is a Royal wedding event that is revered and referenced by the press.  Her children are the subject of the global obsession with Royal weddings.

I went looking for the most remarkable Royal Wedding Gowns of all times - and there are a lot of them. There still is a lot of Royalty out there - Norway, Monaco, Sweden, Jordan, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark - even Luxembourg.  There's a picture of the Queen of Bhutan in traditional costume.  She is the world's youngest living ruler.

There are two weddings for Prince Charles - the second with Camilla Parker Bowles in the Harper's Bazaar article.  Diana's is 29 of the 41 weddings covered.

What about Vogue's coverage of the most famous wedding dresses?  It is HERE.  It covers all kinds of celebrities and the dresses that made the news.  There's John and Yoko's wedding portrait, Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and (  ) fill in the name as there are quite a few.

Grace Kelly and Princess Diana seem to be 'markers' for beautiful wedding dresses. Grace Kelly's dress had 25 yards of silk, Princess Diana had the longest train in history.

The last picture in this article is also perhaps the most notable   It shows Queen Victoria's wedding dress in 1840.  This is the dress that started the tradition of white wedding dresses.

Our Spring show in the orchards is coming to an end as the green leaves sprout on the trees.  This orchard is  on 23rd Street in Vineland.

I checked on the Jordan Wisteria yesterday, and it is just starting to show colour.  We're in the midst of the Redbud season and the show is beautiful this year.  

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